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Paint Correction Experts In San Diego

Elevate Your Vehicle's Finish With Our Paint Correction Services 

Is your vehicle's paintwork marred by swirl marks, scratches, or oxidation? Kade's Mobile Detailing has years of experience solving this issue. We are paint correction experts in San Diego, dedicated to restoring the showroom shine your car had when you first fell in love with it. 

Our 6 Step Paint Correction Process

At Kade's Mobile Detailing we use nothing but professional grade, top of the line, tools, and equipment to ensure the best Paint Correction results possible. We have expertise in everything required to take any imperfection out of your vehicle. We use skills like precision polishing techniques, cutting edge compounding, and advanced techniques like color sanding when needed. 

Walk Around

Before starting any of our paint correction process we like to do a walk around on the vehicle with the owner to show case where we will be spending most of our time and noting any pre existing damage. During this walk around we can also give a detailed idea of what the owner can expect to come from our service. 

Wash And Decon

This involves a detailed wash in which we safely remove all bugs, tar, and other road grime. As well as deep cleaning of the wheels and tires. Followed by a decontamination stage where we meticulously use tools like iron removers, clay bars, clay mitts, and in some cases acid. This step ensures the paint is clean all the way down to the bottom layer. 


Compound is commonly going to be the first step in a proper Paint Correction for vehicles that need a little extra love. This includes cars that have deeper scratches, years of swirl marks from improper washing or automated car washes, as well as vehicles with moderate to severe oxidation. This step will be where the most imperfections are removed all though far from being at the standard we have here at Kade's Mobile Detailing. 

Precision Polishing

After the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and compounded if necessary we move onto the polishing stage. This is really where the vehicle transforms from a average looking car to the best version of itself. During this phase we bring out the shine your car should've had the whole time. Refining and smoothing the top layer of the clear coat in order to really let the paint shine when the light hits it and make it have that mirror finish. 

Final Pass

After even some 6,7, and even 8 hour polishing sessions sometimes you need to go back in with an even finer polish to really achieve the showroom finish we look to provide. Different manufactures often have different paint thickness and hardness. While polishing this matters due to the heat being introduced to the clear coat, as well as knowing that you only have so much to work with you cant just keep going the first time through. 


This is one of the most important steps in order to maintain the finish and keep the vehicle looking as good as it does for longer. You have a few options but keep in mind you can only do paint correction so often on the same vehicle due to the clear coat only being so thin, so picking what protection lasts the longest is important. We recommend a Ceramic Coating, reason being is they last for years... One application could be all the maintenance you need to do for years. It makes the vehicle incredibly hydrophobic as well as giving a gloss appearance like no other. Alternatively there are sealants and waxes however their performance is significantly less than a professional Ceramic Coating Installation

Ceramic Coatings

Due to such popularity in Ceramic Coatings we wanted to give you just a little more information on them and why its the right choice to pair with a Paint Correction. This is because often times we will spend up to 10 hours on a single vehicle Correction, to preserve this work as well as keep your car in the best shape this is the clear choice. Washing the vehicle will be significantly easier and faster all while decreasing the frequency you will need to wash your car. This is because they are incredibly slick, the reason you got the Paint Correction was because there were swirls, scratches, or other defects in the paint which are usually preventable. With this in mind we give each of our Ceramic Coating customers the same products we use to maintain these Coatings as well as a very easy to replicate tutorial video to ensure your car stays pristine between details. 

These Paint Corrections And Ceramic Coatings Are Our Specialty

Why Choose Us For Your Paint Correction And Ceramic Coating

  • Experts in the field

  • Exceptional Customer Service 

  • We Out Care Everyone - treating every vehicle better than our own

Choose Kade's Mobile Detailing for your ceramic coating needs and elevate your vehicle's protection to unmatched heights. With a commitment to excellence, our skilled technicians bring precision and expertise to every application, ensuring a flawless and durable finish. What sets us apart is not just the quality of our ceramic coatings but also the convenience of our mobile services, delivering top-tier protection right to your doorstep. Trust Kade's for lasting brilliance, superior expertise, and a commitment to the utmost satisfaction. Your vehicle deserves the best, and at Kade's Mobile Detailing, we deliver excellence in every coat

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