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San Diego's Most Popular Mobile Detailing Services

We Put Your Needs First So Never Hesitate To Ask For Other Mobile Detailing Services Or Building Your Own Package From The List Below. Price Is Estimated And Can Vary Based On The Size And Condition Of The Vehicle.

Bronze Detail

Sedans and Coupes199$

SUV and Trucks 225$

This service will include a wash of the vehicle, spray wax shine leaving behind a phenomenal shine and protection, wheels and tires will be cleaned and shined, an extremely thorough wipe down and cleaning of all cracks and crevices, as well as vacuum, cleaning of door jambs, and finally a streak free window cleaning both inside and out. 

Silver Detail 

Sedans and Coupes 264.99$

SUV and Trucks 290$

This package offers a premium foam bath  for the exterior of your vehicle, hand dry using premium microfiber drying towels, wheels and tires cleaned then shined, wheel well cleaning, 3 month protection to keep your vehicle looking its best and safe from the environmental elements. This package also includes a detailed interior cleaning using brushes and steam if needed to get everything out of the nooks and crannies, thorough wipe down of all surfaces, interior vacuum, dashboard protection and shine, cleaned door/trunk jambs, as well as streak free windows inside and out.  

Gold Detail

Sedans and Coupes 349.99$

SUV and Trucks 375$

This package will include a premium foam bath of the vehicle followed by a hand dry using only premium microfiber drying towels, a full chemical decontamination to remove any iron deposits or fallout, clay bar ensuring all embedded containments are removed,  wheels and tires cleaned and shined, 6-12 month protection machine applied, black trim will be protected after being restored, lastly the chrome will be polished. For the interior you will receive a very thorough cleaning of all cracks and cervices,  a wipe down of all surfaces, detailed vacuum, dashboard protection and shine, cleaning the door jambs/trunk jambs, streak free windows inside and out. 

Diamond Detail 

Sedans and Coupes 499.99$

SUV and Trucks 525$

Included in our highest detail package is a premium exterior wash, wheel well cleaning, wheel and tires cleaned then shined, chemical decontamination removing iron and fallout from the paint, clay bar treatment to ensure all embedded contaminates is removed to help ensure a mirror finish, machine polish all painted surfaces to remove swirls and light to moderate scratches and imperfections,  long lasting protection ensuring your vehicles paint stays looking its best, chrome trim polishing, black trim restoration and protection. Followed with a full interior detail including the detailed cleaning of all cracks and crevices using brushes, steam, or compressed air, wipe-down of all surfaces,  uv protection applied to all interior plastic, interior natural shine dressing applied, windows left streak free inside and out, detailed vacuum, and floor matts shampooed. 

Experience Unmatched Paint Protection From Our Nano Ceramic Coatings

Choosing to invest in paint correction and ceramic coatings has really never made more sense than right now. Ceramic coatings offer a endless amount of benefits, paramount among them being the unparalleled protection and enduring shine it bestows upon your vehicle. In an era where vehicle prices are at an all-time high, safeguarding your investment is more vital than ever. Paint correction rectifies imperfections, scratches, and swirl marks in preparation to, providing a flawless surface for the ceramic coating to adhere to. The ceramic coating acts as a shield against environmental pollutants, UV rays, bird droppings, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your car's paint remains intact and vibrant for an extended period. Not only does this preservation enhance the aesthetic appeal, but it also bolsters the resale value, ensuring a higher return on investment when you decide to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

Furthermore, the ceramic coating's hydrophobic properties make maintenance a breeze, repelling water, dirt, and grime, thereby reducing the frequency of car washes while making them significantly easier to do. This translates to saved time and effort, reinforcing the practicality of this protective measure. When considering the rising prices of automobiles, taking proactive steps to maintain the appearance and condition of your vehicle through paint correction and ceramic coating is a prudent financial decision. The investment in these protective measures pays dividends in the long run, not only by preserving the aesthetics but also by safeguarding your financial stake in a high-value asset. Not to mention you will no longer need to wax your vehicle every 4-6 months, these coatings bring unapparelled protection for years. 

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We Service All Over San Diego

best rated mobile detailer


With over 80 5 star reviews on google and countless happy customers. We carry a satisfaction guarantee making Kade's Mobile Detailing your best choice for any of your auto detailing needs. We are here to serve the customer. We treat your vehicle better than our own because we understand the level of trust it takes to hand off something as special to you as your car. 

how much does a detail cost


We price our services using whats called market based pricing. What that means is we base our rates off the competitors rates. We do this to ensure similar pricing yet unbeatable value. Often at 85% market cost with any of our mobile detailing services we are confident your vehicle see a significant improvement at a fraction of the cost. 

auto mobile detailing


Wouldn't it be nice to just walk out to a clean car? That's exactly what we provide, using our service guarantees a hassle free experience. We bring everything we need to get the job done including water and power. This way you can spend your time your way and get a factory fresh vehicle to take on the day.



🚗 Welcome to Kade's Mobile Detailing: Where Your Car is Our Canvas!

At Kade's Mobile Detailing, we believe your car deserves the best care, attention, and love. It's not just a vehicle; it's a reflection of your journey, and we're here to ensure that reflection is nothing short of brilliant.

With years of dedicated experience, we've mastered the art of mobile detailing. Mobile detailing is more than a service; it's a promise of convenience and quality. We bring our expertise to your doorstep, ensuring your car receives meticulous attention without disrupting your day.

We understand that each vehicle is unique, just like its owner. That's why we tailor our services to your car's specific needs. From the gentlest wash to the most precise paint correction, we treat every vehicle as if it were our own.

Our Commitment to You:

  • 🛡️ Protection: Preserving and enhancing the longevity of your vehicle is our mission.

  • ✨ Enhancement: Bringing out the beauty of your car is our passion.

  • ☺️ Customer Care: Thank you for entrusting us with your vehicle. We're honored and dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Your trust fuels our dedication. We thank each and every one of our customers for allowing us the privilege of detailing their vehicles. It's more than a service; it's a relationship.

Let us elevate your driving experience. Contact us at 📞 619-787-7150 to schedule your personalized mobile detailing session.

Your car, our canvas. Your satisfaction, our pride.

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